10 prominent posts this month

Shopping List: what to register for as well as buy
(should we make this into excel-ready or downloadable pdf?)

Make some simple youngsters pants from a tee shirt

Halloween costumes for infants (the guide)

Breastfeeding resources for rookies (from PhD in Parenting)

Buy or make a Halloween costume for baby

Decorate infant clothes with material paint

Make the very best swaddling blanket (easiest too!)

Sew a quick newborn hat from a tee shirt (we do like cutting up our t-shirts!)

25 activities to try during your pregnancy leave

Go to the movie theater where crying is allowed

18 new posts this month

Inside Scarlett’s closet: jeggings

Happy un-birthday to Milo

Park yourself for (PARK)ing day

Introducing Fearless Fridays! (originally sponsored by method)

Goodbye extremely Rookie Summer

Graduating our rookie youngsters (should we or shouldn’t we?)

Running away from the very first day of K

Savvy travel for Rookie Moms

Turn your sleeping infant into art (naptime difficulty as well as fangirl post)

5 Honey-dos for the nursery

Auntie Karen’s not-so-secret recipes: quick Mac & Cheese, Taco Night, Gingered Indian Salmon

Building your costume box: infant dragon

Stocked Kitchen: week 3.5 report as well as final verdict

Auntie Karen’s bison experiment

Hipstamatic iphone app: so worth it!

10 most excellent human referrers (excluding the excellent humans who bring us google, facebook as well as twitter) (wishing we might checked out German as well as return the favor)




10 quite excellent posts we composed elsewhere

4 unforeseen at-home date nights

Gustare. For those who cannot go out to dinner.

Look for the lines (sweet picture tip)

Why we are the meanest moms

Mom’s night In is the new Mom’s night Out

How to dial 9-1-1 in 2-0-1-0

Wearing your infant safely

Baby-proofing tips in honor of infant security Month

Healthier eating on the road

Brunch smackdown: Rick & Ann’s v. Bette’s (on

A few words about Amazon

Thanks to those of you who bought our book this month! We still believe it makes the perfect infant shower or new mom gift. among the swaddles, white noise machines, as well as infant food prep devices, a few of you bought the pair of flamingos. pictured above. Hee hee.

Moving on… we have a few things in the works for October already:  more Fearless Fridays, more Halloween planning, the actual Halloween, my extremely own diaper drive, as well as a heap more rookie mom adventures.

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