Acrobatic Squirrel – #WordlessWednesday with #linky on a Tuesday

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Acrobatic Squirrel

Recently I was viewing a television show with my nine-year-old about squirrels. He likes all the nature shows on Nat Geo Wild. They were talking about exactly how squirrels will go to fantastic lengths to get bird seed out of bird feeders. The show featured an acrobatic squirrel who kept on stealing bird seed. One gentleman delighted in viewing the birds go to his flat top open bird feeder, however the squirrels always figured out exactly how to climb the pole to get to the bird seed. He tried different kinds of poles, however they always figured out exactly how to get to the top. He even greased the pole with vegetable oil, however the squirrels didn’t provide up. ultimately they handled to rub all the vegetable oil off of the pole as well as made it to the top.

Squirrels are funny bit creatures. We have a ton of gray tree squirrels out right here in Chicago.  A household of them has taken home in our back yard. I likewise have two bird feeders, one in the back lawn as well as one in the front. They always figure out a method to get to the bird seed.

This female gray squirrel went to our bird feeder last night as well as then once again early this morning. I caught a few pictures of her upside down sneaking some bird seeds. A rabbit was in the turf below. I don’t believe the squirrel bothered him.

Do you have squirrels in your back yard?

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Healthy mothers magazine - Wordless Wednesday

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